May 28/NATO breaks treaty and places permanent troops into the Baltic/Austria officially announces that will repatriate 140 tonnes from the Bank of England citing lack of confidence in the B. of E/Greece has not paid pharmaceutical manufactures over 2 billion euros since Dec 2014/Over 30,000 contracts still outstanding as we head into first day notice tomorrow in the gold comex/



  1. Why all the text that must be highlighted to be seen? Sure would be handy if you used all text that is visible. Is there a specific reason for the invisible text?


  2. Very interesting, and really good information. I am using an expert advisor called RobotFX to trade and manage trades and another one named Renko to generate renko charts. Of course, this is a question of preferences.
    Some traders use no other tools but the naked chart. But when I look at an empty chart, I see nothing. I need at least a moving average and an oscillator :)v

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