Loonie Tumbles After Report Canada Excluded From NAFTA Talks

The Canadian Dollar legged 0.5% lower this evening after The National Post reported that the U.S. rejected attempts by Canada to take part in trade talks between the U.S. and Mexico.

American officials have taken the “highly unusual” step of rejecting Canada’s bid to take part in senior-level NAFTA talks between the U.S. and Mexico later this week, sources familiar with the trade negotiations said Monday.

One person said attempts by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland to get a seat at the table in Washington Thursday were either ignored, or spurned outright by the office of U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

Another source said the request to be at the meeting was made in a low-key fashion “so as not to spark a diplomatic incident” and was followed by “a retreat to diplomatic silence.”

And the Loonie dumped…

The Mexican peso limped very modestly lower on the headlines.