Ophthalmologists now ethically obligated to denounce covid-19 vaccines, as 20,000 new eye disorders are reported


(Natural News) In just a few months, the World Health Organization received approximately 20,000 reports of new eye disorders that occurred post covid-19 vaccination. These reports include 303 cases of blindness and 1,625 cases of visual impairment! The European drug monitoring agency had never recorded such a severe spike in eye injuries until after the experimental vaccines were launched. These reports were collected by VigiBase and analyzed by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre in Uppsalla, Sweden.

About half of the new eye disorders were additionally reported to the U.K.’s Yellow Card adverse event reporting system, which was set up to monitor the influx of adverse events that were anticipated during this live, experimental vaccine study. Back in 2020, the vaccine makers had already entered into liability-free contracts with governments around the world. This has enabled mass vaccine injury with no recourse or accountability and set up the framework for a historic, worldwide holocaust.

Ophthalmologists need more training to properly recognize and report vaccine injury

These experimental vaccines are designed to cause inflammation throughout the body, by reprogramming human cells to produce inflammatory spike proteins that are derived from the bio-weapon itself. Eye damage is merely a symptom of this inflammation, a sign of more serious problems to come with capillaries and autoimmune issues. The inflammatory conditions caused by the vaccines provide a new revenue stream for various industries within the medical system, including ophthalmology.

With mounting evidence of eye injury post-vaccination, ophthalmologists are ethically obligated to denounce these covid-19 vaccines. The vaccines are causing acute eye injuries at scale and are an underlying cause of inflammation for future eye disorders and other health problems. However, ophthalmologists are not properly trained to recognize, diagnose and report vaccine injury.

When the U.S. FDA issued Emergency Use Authorization for these experimental ‘vaccines’, they did not mention eye disorders specifically. In their fact sheet, they warn, “additional adverse reactions, some of which may be serious, may become apparent with more widespread use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.”

In the UK’s Yellow Card System, vaccine-induced eye damage includes 4,616 cases of severe eye pain, 3,839 cases of blurred vision, 1,808 cases of light intolerance, and 559 cases of double vision. These issues were not prevalent until the vaccine was used. Some of the eye issues are mild but could be a sign of more serious issues within the cardiovascular or nervous systems. There were 768 cases of eye irritation, 731 cases of itchy eyes, 788 cases of ocular hyperemia, 459 cases of eye strain, 400 cases of dry eye, and 653 cases of increased lacrimation.

The covid vaccine holocaust is destroying people’s hearing and vision

More serious issues of swelling were documented as well, including swelling around the eye (366 incidences), swelling of the eyelid (360 incidences) eyelid oedema (298) conjunctival haemorrhage or breakage of a small eye vessel (236), periorbital oedema (171), and eye haemorrhage (169). The swelling can be indicative of more serious cerebral, spinal, and/or cardiovascular issues. Blood clots and nervous system disorders are a commonly reported adverse event. The eye disorders provide a window of opportunity to understand just how severe the inflammation is. Ophthalmologists are able to identify early signs of vaccine-induced brain swelling, cardiovascular issues and stroke to help patients seek emergency care before the patient becomes another casualty to these horrid vaccines.

One 33-year-old pilot had severe migraines and sudden vision problems following the Pfizer vaccine. The pain migrated down the back of his neck toward the bottom of his skull. The pain lasted for several days and was accompanied by dizziness, nausea, disorientation, confusion, uncontrollable shaking, and tingling in his toes and fingers. He was ultimately evaluated by doctors. The Pfizer COVID vaccine had increased the pressure in his spinal cord and brain stem, rupturing his left inner ear, and damaging his eyesight


Covid death plummet to pre pandemic levels


COVID Deaths Plummet As Excess Mortality Falls To Pre-Pandemic Levels

SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2021 – 05:30 PM

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,

In any given year during the past decade in the United States, more than 2.5 million Americans have died – from all causes.

The number has grown in recent years, climbing from 2.59 million in 2013 to 2.85 million in 2019. This has been due partially to the US’s aging population, and also due to rising obesity levels and drug overdoses. In fact, since 2010, growth rates in total deaths has exceeded population growth in every year.

In 2020, preliminary numbers suggest a jump of more than 17 percent in all-cause total deaths, rising from 2.85 million in 2019 to 3.35 million in 2020.

The increase was not all due to covid. At least one-quarter to one-third appear to be from other causes. In some cases, more than half of “excess deaths” were attributed to “underlying causes” other than covid. But whether due to untreated medical conditions (thanks to covid lockdowns), or drug overdoses, or homicides, total death increased in 2020. In other words, total excess mortality is a partial proxy for covid deaths. Whatever proportion of total deaths covid cases may comprise, it stands to reason that if total deaths decline, then covid deaths are declining also. Moreover, looking at total deaths helps cut through any controversies over whether or not deaths are properly attributed to covid. 

What has been the trend with these “excess deaths” in recent months?

Well, according to data through mid-March reported by Our World in Data and by the Human Mortality Database, excess mortality began to plummet in early January and is now back to levels below the 2015-2019 average:

Excess mortality peaked the week of January 3 and then it began to collapse, dropping back to summer 2020 levels by mid February. By March 14, excess mortality was at 1 percent above the 2015-2019 average. All this occurred even as very few Americans were vaccinated. When excess deaths began to drop, less than one percent of Americans had been fully vaccinated. At the end of January, less than two percent of Americans had been fully vaccinated. By the end of March, when excess mortality returned to 2019 levels, 15 percent of the population had been fully vaccinated. 

As of May 11, only one-third of Americans had been fully vaccinated, although “experts” insist 60 to 70 percent of the population must be vaccinated before we can expect to see a drop-off in deaths like that which occurred earlier this year.

Yet, as of the week of March 22—excess mortality was below both the 2015-2019 average and below the total for the last year before the official beginning of the covid pandemic (2019).

It’s likely these facts won’t stop “public health” bureaucrats from continuing to insist that another “wave” of covid deaths and cases is right around the corner. These activists have many strategies for pushing vaccine passports, mask mandates, and even continual precautionary business closures. They’ll tell us that new covid variants are sweeping the globe. This is what they were saying in January, for instance, when Vox was telling us it was too dangerous to even visit the grocery store. At least one expert in late January warned us that the coming weeks would be “the darkest weeks of the pandemic.”

It’s now clear such predictions were spectacularly wrong. By late January, totals deaths were already in precipitous decline. 

But what about the lag in data? We’re only looking at data up to mid-March because it tends to take several weeks for estimates of total deaths to become reasonably reliable. Yes, that data shows a big drop off. But what about the numbers for April and May? Should we expect those death totals to surge again with a promised “fourth wave” of new covid death?

If we consider the more recent case and death totals attributed to covid, we see few signs of a new surge.

Although Anthony Fauci and other government employed technocrats have been unable to provide any explanation at all for it, the fact remains that months after Texas and Florida and Georgia have either abolished or greatly scaled back all social-distancing and mask mandates, cases and deaths are generally declining, and total deaths per million (attributed to covid) remain below what we’ve seen in states with severe lockdowns. 

The trend in the United States overall is similar.  Indeed, it appears that nearly all states have seen sizable drops in both cases and deaths, regardless of the mask or social-distancing policies in place. 

Notably, it’s only in recent weeks that “CDC guidelines” are beginning to admit the reality. It wasn’t until April 26 that the CDC declared that fully vaccinated Americans are allowed to venture outside without masks on. The CDC states these “recommendations” unironically as if it weren’t the case that most Americans—outside of true-believer hotspots like San Francisco and Chicago—stopped wearing masks outside a long time ago. The hermetically sealed world of government employees and corporate journalists appears unaware that at least half the country pretty much went back to normal last fall. 

So now what?

The technocrats know that they need to keep pressing hard for more de facto vaccine mandates—pushed mostly by corporate America for low-risk younger populations.  Most Americans can already see that covid numbers are already in decline in spite of months of Americans flouting mask mandates and social distancing guidelines. People can see that children—an increasing number of whom are returning to schools—aren’t a significant factor in the spread of disease. So it will be important for the regime to push vaccines for children more aggressively before people stop listening to the “experts” completely. 

Don’t expect the regime to admit it has been wrong about anything. If anything, it will double down on the usual narrative. It’s worked pretty well so far. 

Toronto cancels entire summer events.  Approx. 1.6 million of the City’s 3 million residents are vaccinated at least once.
Many refuse to take the vaccine

Toronto Cancels Entire Summer Of Events Despite 1.6 Million Of City’s 3 Million Residents Being Vaccinated

SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2021 – 12:50 PM

Despite widespread vaccination availability and even the U.S. CDC saying that vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks, Toronto has decided to cancel an entire summer’s worth of social functions.

The city has cancelled “all major in-person events for a second straight summer,” CBC reported on Friday.

As the city continues to fight off large numbers of Covid cases during the pandemic’s third wave (whatever that even means at this point), it has made cancellations all the way through Labour Day. Previously, provincial officials had been hoping for normalcy beginning in July or August.

That doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case. The city has cancelled events like the Canadian National Exhibition, Taste of the Danforth, the Caribbean Carnival and Salsa in Toronto. 

The city is making the decision in May because organizers asked for “as much advanced notification as possible”. So now they have it: Toronto will officially have nothing going on during the summer. 

Mayor John Tory said that he thought the city would be in better shape by late summer, but he wasn’t sure it would be safe to be “shoulder to shoulder” with large groups of people. 

Darrell Brown, Executive Director of the Canadian National Exhibition called the news “devastating for the community and staff” who will now face layoffs. “At this point in time we’re living on borrowed money in the short-term and will be completely out of funds by December,” he said. The event has lost more than $70 million in revenue over the course of the pandemic and it generates $128 million for the Ontario economy each year. 

Last year was the first time the event was closed since World War II. Despite asking the government for relief, it has only gotten $20,000 from Ontario’s small business relief fund.

Tory said: “I am working with the Canadian National Exhibition to help the fair through this difficult year and prepare for a bigger and better in-person event in 2022.”

Toronto, meanwhile, has delivered 1.6 million doses of Covid vaccines. The city’s population stands at about 3 million. Despite this, the city’s stay at home order will remain in place until “at least” June. 


Biden Caves To Critics, Sends 20M FDA-Authorized Vaccines Abroad

MONDAY, MAY 17, 2021 – 01:26 PM

In a sign that the EU might be having second thoughts following objections from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Brussels sent Washington a letter last week urging Biden to accelerate exports of COVID-19 vaccines to help countries like India, and many other developing economies, which are desperately lagging the developed world, and even – according to some scientists – threatening to revive COVID by allowing dangerous mutant strains to fester.

It appears President Biden as settled on a response, and in doing so, marked the latest suggestion hat speeding up exports and increased supply sharing might be the compromise offered by the developed world to countries like India and South Africa, in exchange for giving up IP protections that numerous CEOs and lobbyists have warned is “the lifeblood” of the global biotech industry.

Bloomberg reports that for the first time, the US will send vaccines abroad as President Biden plans to send 20MM doses of shots from Moderna, Pfizer and J&J. This is the first time the US has voluntarily given up vaccines produced by the companies that have already received the FDA’s stamp of approval (previously, Biden promised to share a 60M stockpile of AstraZeneca jabs). Mexico and Canada have already received doses of AstraZeneca, and Pfizer has already shippeddoses of its US-produced vaccine to countries including Mexico, Canada and Uruguay as part of private deals

Biden will also announce that he is putting Jeff Zients, who has served as the White House coronavirus response coordinator, in charge of his effort to beat back the global pandemic. But the appointment of Zients is more than anything a signal to the WHO and Dr. Tedros – who was warning about “vaccine apartheid” just hours ago – that Washington will make international needs a bigger priority – especially amid growing evidence that demand for vaccines in the US is waning, even though the Administration hasn’t yet hit its goal of 70% of adults vaccinated, though the US is set to cross the threshold of 60% of adults having received at least one jab – while vaccination of minors below the age of 16 is just beginning.

Biden has previously promised not to share American-made jabs until he had secured enough supply for the entire US population. But as questions about demand rise, many are starting to wonder whether that threshold has already been crossed.

US caseloads have fallen dramatically, alongside hospitalizations and deaths. But fears about mutant strains that can defeat the vaccines linger. The other day, eight yankees including one player tested positive, but all but one were asymptomatic, raising questions whether tests might still be too sensitive, and reflecting too many false positives.

Source: Johns Hopkins Data

Whatever happens with the rate of vaccinations in the US, the plan is “a watershed moment in the pandemic and a pivot for Biden’s administration, BBG said. The US government, under two presidents, claimed nearly all of the first several hundred million doses of vaccines produced on its soil. That approach allowed Biden to advance what has been one of the most successful domestic vaccination campaigns in the world, with Bill Gates as his cheerleader. Now, criticism about Gates’ status as unofficial global vaccine czar is intensifying (just as his divorce is being splattered across the headlines), after Washington broke with Gates by signaling support for an IP waiver.

BBG added that the issue has also been a fraught one for Biden, as he tries to absorb many of the “America First” leanings that proved to be so popular under his predecessor.

To be sure, 20M vaccines is more of a token, and won’t really do all that much to help assuage the outbreak raging in India, and in other countries across at least three Continents.

So the question now is: will the US, perhaps joined by Europe, the UK and Japan, commit to regular offerings of vaccines? Or will we see Washington signal that the IP waiver will be its preferred tool for assisting developing nations?